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I’m taking the mystery out of mortgages to help homeowners make smarter decisions.

Come with me as I answer questions on mortgages. Then stick around while I dive in to explore my other favorite topics—there’s a lot more than mortgages after all!

Managing Interest Rate Risk: A Guide For Investors

Learn about interest rate risk and how it impacts financial instruments such as bonds and loans. Discover strategies for managing interest rate risk as an investor.

The Innovator’s Dilemma: Embracing Disruptive Innovation for Long-Term Growth

Learn about the Innovator's Dilemma, a situation where companies focus on sustaining innovation, prevent them from pursuing disruptive innovation.

New Rules of Real Estate: Politics, Remote Work, and Inflation Are Driving Market Trends

Analyze real estate regions individually for a comprehensive understanding. Remote work, inflation, and political trends are prompting relocations.

Unlocking the Power of Mortgage Financing in 1031 Exchanges

Mortgage financing can be used during a 1031 exchange, satisfying the "equal or greater debt" requirement, along with the mortgage process and timing issues.

What Are Federated Websites?

Federated websites are websites or online platforms that allow users to communicate and share content with each other across different domains or servers.

Lender-Paid vs. Borrower-Paid Mortgage Broker Compensation: What You Need to Know

With lender-paid, the wholesale lender pays for the broker compensation. For borrower-paid, the mortgage customer pays for the mortgage broker compensation.

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