Answers to Questions On Mortgages & MorE

I’m taking the mystery out of mortgages to help homeowners make smarter decisions.

Come with me as I answer questions on mortgages. Then stick around while I dive in to explore my other favorite topics—there’s a lot more than mortgages after all!

What is a Home Equity Loan?

Home Equity Loans can help you tap into the equity value of your home to use for home improvements, repairs, or to cover other expenses.

Documents Required to Qualify for Mortgages

Mortgage lenders require documents to verify income, assets, credit and other information. Gather these documents ahead of time to avoid delays.

Closing Costs for Mortgage Loans

Knowing what your closing costs are and how they are distributed will help you understand the true cost of your loan.

Choosing a Mortgage Lender

Buying a house is a big financial decision. Want to know how to choose a mortgage lender? Here are some important things to look for.

Mortgage Pre-Qualification, Pre-Approval, & Approval

Understand the difference between getting pre-qualified, pre-approved, and approved during the mortgage process and what each one means for you.

What is APR?

Learn what APR is, how to calculate APR on a loan, and why this is important when choosing a lender for a mortgage.

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